Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wedding Reminders

Tonight we had a Jr High Staff wedding shower for our pastor and his lovely bride-to-be.  It was so much fun watching them laugh together, try to answer the gum quiz questions, and open presents for their new home.  We have a lot of young couples on staff, and so we have these showers fairly frequently.  They are always on the night of a staff meeting and we do the same thing at all of them, dinner, admin items, the how well do you know your fiance gum quiz, and present opening.  

This one was especially fun for Stephen and I because the last jr high shower we had was our very own!  And since we do the same things at all of them, it closely resembled our very own shower.  We had fun talking and laughing about our own experience.  

Stephen has the record for most correct answers to the questions.  He took the game pretty seriously...  And I am remembered for my answer to the question "What does Stephen do that embarrasses you the most?"  Of course, I answered "Nothing" because he is just that perfect (cough, cough).  Apparently that answer got a few laughs from the married couples on staff.

Anyways, we really enjoyed reliving those moments through Vanessa and Kelly tonight.  I can't believe we were in their spot only 8 short months ago. 

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