Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm Back

Thoughts from today...

  • The Shema (Deuteronomy 6), families, and our Women's Celebration in a few weeks. I'm speaking. Need to get thoughts on paper. Praying for clear direction.
  • Met new neighbor - No Trespassing signs were hiding a really sweet hispanic mom with family. Caleb liked their dog. Wish I had gotten to know her better and invited her to church. Praying for another chance.
  • Agata knocked on my door today - 19 yr old Lithuanian college student and door-to-door saleswoman for the summer. Didn't buy her really expensive books, but still chatted for 30 min. Offered her a seat inside out of the heat, a cool drink, and mentioned Jesus Christ. Wish I'd done more than just mention His name...she goes back to Lithuania in 3 weeks. The nations came to my door today and I failed to be missional. Again. Don't think I'll get another chance to share about Christ with Agata. But I can still pray. And hopefully my actions spoke of His character.
  • Great lunch date with one of the ladies from our church. So glad to spend time getting to know her better. I'd love to make this a weekly event (different lady each week). Big thanks to hubby for staying with the boys while I went out. Can I convince him to do this weekly??? 
  • Bought a toddler bed for Caleb tonight. My little boy is growing up. He'll be out of the crib and into a bed soon. I think he's the cutest thing alive.  :-)
  • Think I might start blogging again. Can't guarantee consistency, but oh well.
  • Oh yeah, and we have a new baby, a new church, and a new hometown. It's been a little while...