Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Fun Day!

Stephen and I had a great day today.   First he got to sleep in while I went to my Excellent Wife study.  I had a great time of fellowship, learning and discussion AND got to see Hillary's brand new baby boy!  Talk about a cute, sweet baby.  

Once I got home, Stephen and I went out to run some errands and ended up spending the day walking around the Northridge Mall and REI (outdoor camping world galore).  We had a lot of fun walking around, looking in stores, and just being together.  Stephen ended up getting a new pair of workout shoes (he's been looking around for a while and finally got some!).  These great new shoes came with a condition though.....working out on a more consistent basis.  

So we stopped on the way home and bought a jump rope and Stephen started breaking in his new shoes pretty much as soon as we got home.  Then he decided he was in the mood for some competition, so we went over to the racquetball court and put them to the test.  

It was definitely one of the best and most competitive round of games we've played.  We both had a blast, and of course Stephen beat me like crazy, all the while telling me what a great job I was doing. Haha.  I've always said that one of the first things that drew me to him was how encouraging he was.  Guess that still holds true!

Then we finished the day off with a great dinner of salmon, broccoli, and caesar salad.  Heatlhy, yummy, and I cooked it...Hooray!  I'm definitely not the greatest cook ever, but I know with practice it will keep getting better and this one turned out pretty good!  Hope everyone who reads this has a good weekend too!

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