Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sister Pictures!

Finally, some pictures!  I blame Sara for the tardiness of these :-)  And I guess I blame myself for not posting anything else in the last 2 weeks...  Stephen and I are sitting at the kitchen table right now, each on a laptop and being semi-productive.  I say only semi because Stephen keeps cracking jokes and breaking out in random song, and I can't help but laughing, which then breaks my train of thought... Anyways, back to the pics.  Sara and Emily had a good time while they were here and we loved having them and getting to spend some quality time together.  

We went shopping in the Fashion District in downtown LA:

Went sightseeing and stopped to take some pics by the Hollywood sign:

And Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills:
And relaxed in the evenings at the good ol' apartment:

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