Saturday, February 5, 2011

First Haircut

 A few weeks ago we decided that Caleb's hair had gone from cute and shaggy to...desperately needing a trim. It didn't help that he got called a girl while wearing all blue.
After searching high and low in Birmingham for a kid-oriented hair salon for Caleb's first haircut, we pretty much struck out. So we ended up on our back patio instead. But of course, before we could do anything, Caleb had to play in the leaves!
After about 30 min of playing, Mom decided it was time to get to cutting. Caleb wasn't exactly thrilled to have his play time interrupted.
Somehow we got him to calm down enough to sit still for a few minutes...
And what do you know - Mom didn't do half bad!
Caleb felt so good about his new do that he decided to show it off at a party that afternoon.
Turns out Caleb did great for his first haircut and Mom did ok too!  :-)