Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This past weekend Stephen and I served at Outback. Not like the restaurant Outback, but the weekend retreat held at Farmlinks Golf Course. It's a Fri-Sun retreat for relationship building between husbands and wives and parent/child. Stephen has been involved with Outback since high school and I helped at my first Outback retreat last fall. We actually got engaged at Farmlinks during one of the Outback weekends. We weren't serving there that weekend, but we went to visit friends and he took me up to the mountain top at sunset and proposed (he had it all planned out).

Anyways, we spent the weekend coaching one of the husband/wife groups and had a great time. We all learned a lot and got to see relationships built up and restored by God. Little baby Webb did a great job and didn't cause any problems for me during the weekend, other than helping to make sure I was ready to go to sleep the minute my head hit the pillow. I've been feeling pretty good the last few days...I haven't been quite as tired as I was, although I'm definitely still more tired than normal. For a few weeks, there was no question that the minute I got home from work I was headed straight to bed to take a nap. Now I'm still tired, but I'm able to make it until bedtime (which has been around 9:30 for the last 5 weeks).

Next week I have my next dr's check-up. I'll be 12 weeks along, which is kinda hard to believe. The first trimester is drawing to a close. At 20 weeks, we'll know if this baby is a boy or a girl. By my calculations, that should be the last week of June, just in time to get the news before we head to the lake for the Johnson family 4th of July festivities! I can't wait!

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