Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy 2008 everyone! We're a full week into the New Year and so far ours has been moderately laid back, although we did have some special fun on New Year's Day. We kicked off the new year by getting up at 5:00am to drive over to Pasadena to check out and watch the floats at the Rose Parade. It was AWESOME! All of the floats are completely made out of flowers and other organic materials. There were some incredible scenes and probably the most flowers I have ever seen at one time in my life...I was loving it! And Stephen even had fun too! We were able to literally walk right up to the floats and check them cool!

We took over 200 pictures, but had a computer meltdown when we tried to download them and ended up losing all of them :-( Not too happy about that, but I was able to pull these off the internet so you can have a little taste of what we saw. Sorry the little ones are so little, but if you click on them, you can see a bigger version.


The Hawaii float!!! Hello honeymoon!

And the whole thing was completely FREE! Now that fits right into our newlywed budget. :-) It was a great morning, and we got to fellowship with the Bierhorst's, who are on Jr. High Staff with us, as they hosted a wonderful gathering just down the street from the parade. Then we headed home around noon for an afternoon of relaxing, football, and napping (for me!). It was a fun way to start the new year and something I'm so glad we did during our time here in Cali.

We hope you guys had a good start to 2008 and look forward to seeing what the year holds!

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