Friday, November 2, 2007

Hooray for 2 Months!

Yesterday we celebrated our 2 month anniversary! Man, we've been married for forever... ;-) Stephen and I both worked all day and we've had a busy week, so a nice, relaxed evening at home was just right. Stephen loves a good steak, so I thought I'd surprise him with a yummy candlelight dinner.

Having never attempted to cook steak of any kind before, I was a little nervous (I stood in front of the meat section in the grocery store for about 10 min just trying to figure out what cut of meat I was supposed to buy). I settled on a filet mignon (only the best for my man!) and went home to look up how to cook it. Add on a few side items like sauteed mushrooms and onions, a little mashed potatoes, and we had a meal. Somehow the meal ended up really good!!! I love to cook, but it usually takes one time of figuring something out before I can really make it good. So by the grace of God, this meal was a first time success and we had a great evening together.

I'm so thankful for my husband and every day discover more wonderful qualities about him. The Lord has truly blessed me with a man more wonderful than I dared to hope for. Happy 2 months my love!

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