Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lots to Update

Sorry it's been a few weeks since the last post. We've been pretty busy the last few weeks with graduations, the end of another semester for Stephen, and just life in general. So that means there's lots to update you guys on and I took lots of pictures! I'm going to do a separate post on David's graduation from Colorado State University because I have so many pictures to post with that one.

Ok first things first...BABY UPDATE! I'm now 16 weeks and the baby bump is getting a little bigger. I feel like there's definitely one there now and I'm guessing that in about 4 weeks it'll be an obvious baby bump. Still no need for maternity clothes, but I'm not really complaining about that one. I had another check-up yesterday with the doctor and he said everything is great and the baby's heartbeat is really strong. We'll find out in just 4 WEEKS whether this baby is a boy or girl!!! Here's some pics for you all. 

The first picture was at 14 weeks. I didn't post it then cause I didn't think there was much to see in the picture...  The second one was yesterday, 16 weeks.

Now that you've gotten your baby fix (Grandma Vicky), you may have noticed that there's been another change to my appearance since the last pictures - I got all my hair chopped off! I've been growing it out for about a year to donate to Locks of Love and it was finally long enough! I've been ready for the last few months to get it cut, so I was pretty excited (and nervous!) that the day had finally come. Here's a couple pics of the big event:

And lastly, a huge task has finally been completed at our house. We got a basketball goal for Christmas and it's been sitting in our garage in about a million tiny pieces for the last 5 months. Stephen tried to put it together a few months ago, but it turned out to be pretty complicated and definitely more than a one man job. So on Memorial Day, Stephen and his dad spent the entire afternoon piecing our basketball goal together. They got it finished and I have evidence of the finished product (for my parents to see the proof)  :-)
What a cute father/son picture!  :-)

Alright, next to come...the great Colorado graduation adventure!

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