Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Christmas Card

Christ Wishes Religious Christmas Card
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Bethany Vaughn said...

Congratulations!!! Did I already know this and just forgot or is this your announcement, very clever!! Everyone is having babies!

rwebb said...

Thanks Bethany! We just told family over Thanksgiving, so the news is still pretty new. I'll have to get all my tips on transitioning to baby #2 from you in a few months! :-)

Katie said...

Oh my goodness, sweet Rachel!! I am so THRILLED for you guys!! I agree with Bethany, a very clever announcement. I honestly thought, at first glance, that you had just included a pic of you preggo with Caleb (kinda like "year in review" pics). Then when reading your names, I thought, "Did I see that right?!" And I did . . . WHOOHOO!! What a blessing ~ God is good! I know your family was ECSTATIC at Thanksgiving. What a huge cause for thanks! :)

And thank you for the comment on our blog. You're so dear :)