Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Caleb!

 It's Caleb's First Birthday today! He continues to grow too fast for my mommy heart to take.The last few days I've been thinking about all the changes and milestones Caleb went through during his first year of life. Here's a few memories and milestones that come to mind (not always in exact order):
  • Caleb's arrival. One year ago today, we welcomed a handsome, chubby 9 lb, 6 oz baby boy into the world. He was a week late and seemed to be very content in my tummy. The doc finally had to open me up to get him out!
  • Caleb was a very content and peaceful baby. He was pretty quiet, didn't cry much, and had huge eyes that seemed to just take everything in. When he heard loud noises, those eyes got even bigger!
  • First baby smiles
  • Tummy time, which he hated. He would be fine for the first few seconds and then the screaming would start.
  • Learning to hold his head up
  • Rolling over
  • Sitting up
  • Moving from the infant bath tub to the yellow ducky bathtub, which he still loves.
  • Learning to crawl. He started by scooting backwards and eventually got the forward motion going. His first crawling technique was affectionately called "the inchworm" or "the bellyflop." It was hilarious. Then he moved to a one-legged gimp crawl. And then he started the bear crawl - straight legged on just his hands and toes. He still does that one the most, but sometimes he'll do a normal crawl.
  • Transitioning from just milk to baby food, and now to soft solids. Caleb's always been a good eater and often gets very mad when his food takes too long to get to him or when it runs out. It's a one meal to the next
  • Learning to laugh and then great big belly laughs (always caused by something Stephen has done, of course)
  • From baby jibberish to learning to say "Mama" and "Dada." Caleb said "Dada" first and very often. The "da" sound is probably still one of his favorite things to repeat over and over.
  • And I have to mention one of his very favorite things to do: bounce in the bouncy seat! Caleb LOVES to jump and when he really gets going, he is usually laughing as well. So cute and fun to watch.
He's grown so fast over this past year and has been such a blessing. We're so thankful for the special gift of Caleb Spurgeon Webb. We love you buddy and can't wait to see what this next year holds for you!


Bethany Vaughn said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!! As fun as year one is I think the second year is even more fun! You get to see your little baby turn into a little boy. It is so fun when they start talking and using their imaginations. There are so many fun things about each stage but I think Sterling is in my favorite stage so far. So more great fun to be had!!

Lynn said...

Happy birthday to Caleb! He's such a pretty little boy. I can't believe our boys are one!

Sharon said...

You left out a few of my favorites:
* singing himself to sleep
* drumming on everything!!
* snuggles with GiGi
* learning to blow raspberries

Katie said...

We are so thankful for you, dear Caleb. What a beautiful boy you are. I am thankful for your precious parents, too, who love you so much that they are teaching you about the only One who can satisfy your soul! May you come to know Him early and spend the rest of your life glorifying His name! We love you all.