Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Night Plans

It's Friday night! And since Stephen is off to Secret Church tonight, Caleb and I are gonna play! I took a few pics of my sweet boy and just had to share them. I know there's at least two grandma's out there that will love them as much as me.  :-)
 Caleb has been extra happy, talkative, and full of laughs this week and I am loving it! He was sick with his first ear infection last weekend, and that was no fun. Lots of pitiful crying and whimpering which was enough to break this mom's heart. But thankfully he's all better now and I think the quick change from ear infection Caleb to healthy Caleb has made me even more aware and thankful for the smiles and laughs.
So my plan for this Friday night is to get as many laughs and smiles out of Caleb as I possibly can. So far he's on board with the plan.  :-)

*I was just holding Caleb over my head in the air and laughing and a drop of his drool fell IN MY MOUTH. EWE GROSS!!!*


Katie said...

So glad Caleb was on board! Great job capturing with pictures. Thanks so much for sharing! He is ADORABLE!! (the top pic is my favorite:)

Gigi said...

Hey, at least it was drool - could have been way way worse!!!