Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Free John MacArthur Book

John MacArthur is a preacher and author that Stephen and I both love. Stephen actually attended the seminary MacArthur is the founder and president of, and we served at his church, Grace Community Church, when we were living in California. We loved it there and loved sitting under his expositional teaching (expositional means he preaches through the word verse by verse rather than topically; when we were there he was teaching through the book of Luke). I could go on and on about all that we learned about sheparding a church and youth ministry while we were there, but for now I'll get on to the point of this post - getting John's newest book for free!

John has a ministry called "Grace To You" that is a radio broadcast, sermon archive, and MacArthur book distributor. Right now if you sign up to be on the Grace To You mailing list, you will get a voucher to get The Jesus You Can't Ignore for free! You can click HERE to get to the offer. I can't wait to get our copy!

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David and Katie Kizziah said...

Thanks for filling us in, Rachel. I look forward to receiving our copy!