Friday, September 26, 2008

Weekend Fun

While there may not be quite as many things to do in Sylacauga, Alabama as there was in Los Angeles, Stephen and I have still found plenty to keep up busy.  Last weekend we got to experience our first GrapeStomp at Morgan Creek Vineyards, which is just 25 minutes down the road.  

Neither one of us had been to a GrapeStomp before and Stephen kept asking what we would be doing, so I got online and did a little investigating.  This is what I saw:
  After reading a few details, I discovered that there would be a Lucille Ball look-alike contest, along with opportunities to stomp on grapes and tour the vineyards.  I know the Lucy look-alike contest got me hooked :-)  So Saturday we drove out into the country and found Morgan Creek Vineyards.  It's actually a very pretty vineyard and winery house.  I could definitely see people getting married on the front lawns.  But I think my favorite thing of all was actually getting to walk along the actual vineyard with grapevines heavy with grapes.  Technically they were muscadines, which Stephen says is different from a grape, but they looked pretty much like grapes to me...just a bigger version.  Heres a few pictures for you guys:

The Lucille Ball look-alike contest:
It was a fun experience...gotta take advantage of everything that's offered!  In a few weeks there's a pumpkin festival at the local pumpkin patch!  Hopefully I can talk Stephen into that one too. :-)

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