Sunday, September 7, 2008

Daisy Festival

Last weekend my mom flew in from Kansas City and we drove to Atlanta to go to the Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain. We stayed with family and had a great time hanging out with them and my friend, Vicki. Here's some pictures from the weekend:
According to the bags they gave out at the entrance, the Daisy Festival is "The Nation's #1 Arts and Crafts Festival." It was definitely the largest one I have ever been to. We were there for 2 days and I really don't know if we even saw all of the booths.
Our group: Me, Mom, Aunt Yvonne, Cousin Taylor, and Karen.

Yummm...turkey leg!

We also did a little backyard fishing before dinner one night. This is on the dock in my uncle's backyard. The lake was newly stocked about 2 yrs ago and we caught a fish almost every time we threw in the line!
Cousin Taylor and her awesome fish that tried to attack right before we took this picture.
My proud catch. Look at the size of that thing! ;-)

Even as adults they still pick on each other...

A big highlight of the weekend was getting to hang out with Vicki!!! She's a good friend of mine from childhood. We grew up together in a culdesac in GA and have stayed friends over all these years. It was great seeing her and her family.
Hooray for a fun weekend! Stephen didn't come because he wasn't thrilled by the idea of walking around a hot and crowded craft fair all weekend, but he had plenty of fun on his own. Football watching, poker & movie boys night, etc. Even though he says he missed me, I know he had a fun weekend too. Now it's back to work...Hooray for a job with Servant Life!

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