Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Winter Camp!

This past weekend we had our Jr. High Winter Camp at Big Bear Lake in San Bernadino, CA.  It was an awesome weekend of ministry and fun.  We were led through Colossians during our main sessions, and then got to spend some small group time discussing the lessons.  Stephen and I both loved the time with our students.  There were also plenty of fun activities throughout the weekend.  My favorite was the tubing.  I've never done any snow activities, so I feel like tubing was a great start for me and it was a blast!  Stephen is sitting next to me right now and says it was his favorite too.  :-)  Here's some pics from the weekend for your enjoyment.  We might put a few more up later on. 

This was a little hill just outside our cabins that the kids went sledding on during every free moment we had.  It doesn't even compare to the hill we went tubing down.

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