Saturday, December 8, 2007

Gifts and More Sickness

Well earlier I wrote about Stephen being sick and it seems like now it's my turn. Our week has been pretty low-key as a result of me not feeling too great. I say low-key, yet we still went to a Jr High Staff Christmas Party, XChange (Wed. night Jr High service), and out for a date night dinner at Outback tonight. Now that we're back home I'm thinking Outback a day after throwing up may not have been my brightest idea....

Oh well.

The Staff Christmas Party was a lot of fun. The Bierhorst's house was absolutely beautiful, set up with fine china, candles, and Martinelli's Sparkling Cider for our staff of about 30. Pretty impressive, I must say. But the best part by far was the quality fellowship we shared. That and the best game of White Elephant I've ever played. What a fun group of people we get to serve alongside!

Stephen and I walked away from the White Elephant game with a gift basket of Starbucks treats and a toddler carseat. Yep. A toddler carseat. The lure of the gigantic, wrapped box was too much for us to pass over, so we chose our unknown gift and ended up walking home with it. Needless to say we got ragged on the rest of the night about our plans for children in the very near future. WHICH IS DEFINITELY NOT OUR PLAN! Although as a disclaimer, I must say that God is definitely in control of our lives and not us. :-)

The carseat looks somewhat like this:
We're either going to give it to Goodwill or use it at another white elephant party. :-)

On a different note, I must say that Stephen has taken wonderful care of me as I've been feeling ill. He is such an attentive and caring husband. Last night I was feeling pretty sickly. He climbed into bed and started praying that God would heal my body quickly. The second he finished praying, I ran into the bathroom and after a few unpleasant moments of hugging the toilet and praying for Christ's return, I felt much better. God definitely answered Stephen's prayer quickly! :-) Today has been a much better day, thus the bright idea of mine that we should eat dinner at Outback. I have no idea what I was thinking considering the only thing I had eaten all day was crackers and half a bagel. Hopefully tonight won't be similar to last night. So far, so good.

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