Friday, October 1, 2010

A Video For GiGi

This is probably just for my mom...nothing super exciting, but some daily Caleb footage. Here's his latest accomplishment, Mom! He's starting to balance without holding onto things - standing hands free! He hasn't quite figured out to take a step yet, but I have a feeling he will before too long.


Katie said...

Wow . . . quite literally, moving right along!! Love you all!

Lynn said...

He's doing so great! KJ said, "Good job, Caleb." Ella said, "Who's this blog?" :) We're so proud of his balance! He's doing even better than James at standing by himself.

Stephen, Rachel and Caleb Webb said...

Haha. Thanks Lynn. Our babies are all getting so big! I don't think I'm ready for them to be walking yet!!!