Tuesday, June 8, 2010

GiGi's in Town

 Disclaimer: This post is all about my mom...but the pics are all of Caleb. She took them today, but we didn't get one with her in it...I'll have to add some of those as the week goes on! So enjoy the post about GiGi with Caleb pictures. :-)

My mom is in town for the week! What fun and what a blessing. She drove all the way from Kansas (which she has done numerous times since the week before Caleb was born - pretty amazing). She's hanging out with us and getting some serious Caleb time - he's staying home with her this week instead of coming with me to work.

I love the time she gets to spend with us for lots of reasons. So let's name a few:
  • First of all, because she gets to love on Caleb. It makes me so happy for her to have time with him. It's not easy for Grandma to live far, far away!
  • Second, she is such a huge help to me with everything from making meals, running errands, and even doing the dishes and laundry! My mom is very servant-hearted and while I would never want to take advantage of her help, she truly loves and wants to take some of the load off me when she's here. Such. A. Blessing. I seriously thought numerous times today "I don't have to worry about making dinner tonight!" Thanks Mom!
  • We get to hang out, catch up in person, and plan when the next time we will get together will be. (Can't wait til we go to the lakehouse in July!)
  • She is a fountain of knowledge and wisdom, especially when it comes to being a mother. After raising four kiddos and teaching elementary students for years, she has quite a few tricks up her sleeve. Each time she visits, I feel like I learn an easier way to do something AND a new way to stimulate Caleb's little brain. There's an example of Titus 2:3-5 in the flesh!
And lastly, her birthday is in just a few weeks! Even more reason to celebrate! Happy early Birthday Mom! I love you and am so glad you're here to visit. God has given me a great gift in having you as my mom and Caleb's GiGi. Oh, and Stephen says you need to stay 2 weeks instead of one.  :-)

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