Sunday, November 29, 2009


I'm very proud to introduce Caleb Spurgeon Webb to you:

Our little man is a precious gift from God. He is a very peaceful, calm baby and loves to sleep (except in the middle of the night). He's actually asleep in my arms right now. He loves to eat, but tends to fall asleep about halfway through feedings. He's a cuddle bug and has already been loved on greatly by family and friends. We can watch him sleep for hours on end, and he's actually fairly animated when he's sleeping - making lots of faces and cute noises. And now he's waking up and anxious to eat, so we'll finish this later! :-)


David and Katie Kizziah said...

What a gift, indeed. Rejoicing with you guys. He is beautiful!

Vicki Winter said...

He is just beautiful!!! In the first picture I think he looks just like you Rachel, but in the last one I think he looks just like Stephen!! Isn't God good??? Thanks for sharing the pics - he really is a beautiful baby! Relax and enjoy him!