Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Hand of God

A few nights ago Stephen and I were looking at one of my journals from high school. My junior year of high school I went on a family vacation with KJ Pugh to Disney World. (Side note - It was on that trip that I first met Stephen). While on this trip I noticed that KJ's sister, Katie, was going through a devotional book called Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore. So shortly after getting home from the trip I went and purchased Whispers of Hope for myself. It's a fantastic devotional and prayer journal that I highly recommend. It was really neat to look back over my prayers as a junior in high school.

Well Stephen was reading over some of them with me and he jokingly asked if there was one in there about him. I said that I thought there was at least one prayer in there for my future husband. Well we flipped through the book some and then Stephen said "Turn and look at the one dated on my birthday." So I flipped over to 1/17/2001 and THERE IT WAS! On my husband's birthday, as a junior in high school who barely knew him, I was praying for my future husband! How amazing is that!? It is surely no coincidence...we've always said that we can see the hand of God all over our relationship and sovereignly bringing us together. Here is another piece of evidence that God was working on our hearts and in our lives from well before we knew we would be husband and wife. God is truly amazing and worthy of praise!


David and Katie Kizziah said...

We love you guys and are so thankful for God's hand in your relationship. Rachel, this makes me try to find my book as well. Thanks for the encouragement.

Bud & Kimberly and Elisha said...

hey rachel! thanks for leaving a comment. glad to have found your blog. will be keeping up with it now!