Saturday, October 20, 2007

Our Apartment

Well here they are, pics of our apartment! They're primarily of the living room, kitchen and dining room but we are living in a one bed, one bath apt so there's not a whole lot else to show.

A few fun notes about our apt:
  • The bathroom could be a second bedroom or small office...I've threatened Stephen with putting some of his books in there if we get too many more!
  • It came with a walk-in closet that actually holds a big dresser PLUS our hanging clothes!
  • When we got back from our honeymoon at 1:00 in the morning, the A/C wasn't working...welcome back to real life! Stephen wasn't exactly thrilled about that one, but thankfully it's fixed now and everything works great!
  • Our laundry room is actually outside. You walk out onto our patio and there's another tiny room that houses the washer & dryer. Different, but I kinda like it.
  • The lady above us has plants galore on her balcony and probably spends 1/4 of her day tending to them. They look great, that's for sure.
  • We had to buy 3 new bookshelves in addition to Stephen's 3 that he already had to hold all his books plus my few. I've always wanted a big library and this is definitely a start!!!
Alright, here are some pics:This is the main entrance to the apartment complex.

Here's the view from the leasing office. Those are some of the apartments in the bottom and then you can see some of the hills and mountains in the distance. If you haven't been to LA, you might not know that it is actually VERY mountainous. There's a hiking trail about a mile and a half from our front door!

And now the good stuff! Our front door is just to the right in this picture. And note the first two of six bookcases crammed into our apartment (which I love by the way) :-) The beautiful grapevine cross on the wall came from the wonderful Mrs. Jane Vaughn!

A closer look at the bookshelves.

Here's my handsome husband on our new reclining loveseat.

Next up, we move to the kitchen and dining room (note two more bookshelves on the way).

I love our kitchen! It's pretty much entirely filled with wedding gifts...everything you see was a present. They don't call them wedding "showers" for nothing!

And our table! This was a find at an antique shop in B'ham and was restored to its present beauty! (Mirror on the wall is courtesy of Aunt Jamie!)

And here's my lonely little bookshelf. I literally could not fit one more book on it (notice the books stuck underneath the bottom).All in all, it's a pretty great apartment. And just for you guys, we'll finish off with a pic of Stephen and me:

Have a great weekend!


mandy cassil said...

random story - i'm living out here too, in pasadena. sooo, we should hang out sometime, even if it is just lunch or something. it would be cool to see you, of course i may not be available till december because of school. yeah, i'm kinda blown away that we are both out here and that i found out cause you posted your new link on xanga and i went to it. ok, i have to go to dinner but good to find you :)

Bryan said...

ahh, i see mandy already contacted you...i was going to mention they are at the seminary out there. what town do ya'll actually live in? i was raised in La Cresenta, Ventura, and Glendale. Have fun, try to stay out of traffic, see the beach, go skiing in Big Bear for a day, there is an Aquarium south a little bit, and try to go up to Monterray (sp?) Bay some time...also awesome. take care.

Stephen and Rachel Webb said...

Hooray for Mandy being out here too...we're definitely going to have to hang out! And Bryan, we live in Valencia (part of Santa Clarita), which is just north of Ventura and Glendale. Thanks for the recommendations! I think we're making a list of the things we want to make sure to do while we're out here!